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Silly Love - 10CC (Creme, Godley)

Hey toots, you put the life into living

​You brought a sigh into sight

​Ah hon, you make my legs turn to water

​You bring the stars out at night

​But they ain't half so bright

​As your eyes

​Gee whiz, you take the beauty out of beautiful

​You play the strings of my heart

​Oh babe, you take the wonder out of wonderful

​Oh my, oh my, and my, if you were mine

​The rain would turn to sweet sweet wine

​Well he's been up all night

​Breakin' his head in two to write

​A little sonnet for his chickadee

​But between you and me

​I think its sssssssssssilly. Silly

​Ooh treas, you got a smile like a Rembrandt

​Aha, you got the style of a queen

​Oh dear, you are the petal of a rosebud

​Next to you all the others could be weeds

​You're the only one my garden needs

​Ooh, you know the art of conversation

​Must be dying

​Ooh, when a romance depends on

​Cliches and toupees and threepes

​We're up to here with moonin' and junin'

​If you want to sound sincere -

​Don't rely on Crosby's croonin' -

​Take a little time

​Make up your own rhyme

​Don't rely on mine

​'Cos it's sssssssssilly - silly - silly - silly